SavingGlobal – The leading online marketplace for European term deposits

SavingGlobal allows retail customers to access term deposit products from banks across Europe that offer interest rates at a higher level than in the investors’ home country. With a single registration, you can make term deposits at all of our partner banks in Europe, thus offering a compellingly convenient investment platform at zero cost! For our partner banks, we provide easy and scalable access to alternative funding pools at low and variable cost.

For our customers in Germany

The best deposit rates in Europe

 All offers with deposit insurance

Only one registration needed

Both EUR and foreign currency offers

 Manage all your deposits in one place

For our partner banks from the EU/EEA

Tap into Europe’s largest savings pool

Enter the market with the lowest cost of funding in the EU/EEA>

Gain easy and scalable market access, with a professional team

Access a large distribution network through a single point of contact

Leverage the operations of our servicing partner MHB-Bank

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